SapienceBuddy Privacy Policy


The primary purpose of SapienceBuddy ("Product") is to be a dynamic tool to help you keep track of your time and thereby attain your periodic goals. We want you to feel secure when using this Product and are committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") provides an overview of how we protect your privacy during your use of the Product. The Privacy Policy supplements the Terms of Use applicable to your use of this Product, and all other existing terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Sapience and you. In the event of a conflict or an apparent conflict between this Privacy Policy and any existing terms and conditions, this Privacy Policy will control.


Each time you submit information via this Product, including enabling or agreeing for the Product to capture information actively or passively (e.g., through integration with other applications such as calendar programs), you consent to its collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In particular, if you are located in a jurisdiction outside the United States, your use of this Product constitutes your consent to the transfer of this information to Sapience’ servers and computer systems in the United States.


We collect information directly from you in a number of ways, some of which we describe in this Privacy Policy. One way is by tracking your time spent on applications, files and websites (e.g., development tools, documentation programs, browser), calls, and travel as available on the authorized device(s), although we do not collect either any personally identifiable information like name, age, etc., or any security information like passwords entered by you within such applications. For product registration and information collection purposes, we identify you by your email address.


This Product offers you an option to share or not to share the collected information with Sapience via user settings available in the Product. Even if you opt to share your time data, file and website names will not be shared. We analyze this shared information to enable you to use this Product for its stated aims, to help us identify ways to improve it, and eventually, to determine how we can tailor this Product to make it more effective. We may also use this information for other purposes; however, such use will be based on aggregation of all collected data. Further, all data collected by us may also be transferred internationally throughout and / or shared with Sapience' worldwide organization, affiliates and advisors. However, we will not publish or sell identifiable individual information.


You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. You can do this by sending us an e-mail at


We take commercially reasonable steps befitting an organization of our size to maintain the security of data collected through this Product. However, you should understand that internet security is prone to being compromised and also, the open nature of the Internet is such that data may flow over networks without security measures; therefore, data may, despite our efforts, be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.


This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other third party applications. You hereby agree that you are solely responsible for your interactions with external applications and resources, including websites.


You hereby expressly agree that we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time and in our sole discretion. If this Privacy Policy changes, the revised Privacy Policy will be posted at the "Privacy Policy" link in this Product and we’ll attempt to alert you of such updated Privacy Policy by email to your registered email address. Nevertheless, you are advised to check the Privacy Policy every time you access this Product. You hereby covenant that your continued use of this Product constitutes acceptance of such changes in the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy was last revised on December 20, 2016.


You may contact Sapience with any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have regarding the information practices described in this Privacy Policy by sending an e-mail at